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Kenneth Ketola

I am an extremely proficient web developer having graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with an associate certificate in Web Development with distinction. My skills in this area continue to grow as I pursue education and vocation in this field. I've become an avid communicator and teacher through opportunities to assist my peers in school. I have also had the opportunity to be a teacher's assistant for BCIT which has improved these qualities tremendously. I work extremely hard at all that I do. I achieve marks at the top of my class and have received many letters of gratitude for my volunteerism.

I have recently been selected to represent BCIT in China as a student ambassador which gives me the opportunity to utilize all the aforementioned skills to benefit others in an exciting and new environment. I am very proud to say that I've been tested and accepted into Mensa which is a high I.Q. society. I recently completed a program at BCIT called the Peak Leadership Program which develops skills pertaining to leadership through volunteerism, self-reflection and workshops. Studying in an industry known for harboring the recluse and the introvert, I reveled in the opportunity to network with business and marketing professionals.

My long term personal goal would be to constantly progress towards a holistic sense of health and well-being. This is a goal that I don't believe I will ever attain but will be an ongoing process for the rest of my life. Given the disposition of my industry, it will be extremely important to maintain my physical well-being and stress management. My long term career goal is to complete and be successful in developing a website that is widely known and used around the world. I have many ideas and am currently working at developing and deploying one soon.

Curriculum Vitae


To utilize my web development and programming skills acquired over the previous three years in addition to my ongoing education to overachieve in completing company objectives and to create innovative ideas for the future of internet based interactions.


  • Developing websites to W3C standards
  • Scripting in PHP and JavaScript
  • Managing MSSQL and MySQL databases
  • Working in the JQuery framework
  • Programming in Java
  • Reporting using Crystal Reports
  • Configuring Linux and Windows servers
  • Troubleshooting hardware issues

Professional Achievements

Website Development

Working as part of a team to:

  • Redesign from the ground up
  • Increase monthly sales by 400%
  • Provide a more secure online experience
  • Implement and customize the Zen Cart template system
  • Create additional features tailored to our particular retail environment

Instructing in Web Technologies

  • Courses included AJAX, PHP levels 1 & 2 and Object Orientated Programming with Java
  • Delivered demonstrations of programming concepts to classes of over 20 students
  • Created assignments worth 7.5% of students' final grade
  • Caught an average of 1 pair of students cheating (sharing code) per semester
  • Quickly debug code in order to see where a student went wrong and suggest fixes

Work History

KMS Tools and Equipment

Web Development & IT Support

Other Positions
Includes management positions with up to 2 staff members

Aug. 2003 - Current

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Student Technology Assistant May 2012 (Temporary)

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistant Dec. 2008 - Dec. 2011


British Columbia Institute of Technology

Computer Systems Technology
First Term Overall GPA: 93%
Second Term Overall GPA: 88%
Dec. 2013
Applied Web Development with Distinction
Overall GPA: 96%
Dec. 2011

Other Activities

Mensa Canada

"Membership of Mensa is open to persons who have attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised."

PEAK Leadership

"Peak Leadership is a program designed to give BCIT students the opportunity to learn leadership and professional development skills through volunteering, professional workshops and achieving individual goals."

BCIT Set Representative

"Set representatives gain invaluable leadership experience by proactively participating in the Student Association and representing the student voice for educational and campus issues."

Examples of Work

Technical Writing — Active Directory Proposal

The following demonstrates an example of my technical writing ability. It is the summary as an excerpt from a proposal I wrote to KMS Tools and Equipment Ltd. regarding the transition from a workgroup infrastructure to a domain. It was well received and comments such as the following were given in response, "Excellent throughout. Very professional and persuasive."

The number of problems with our current network scheme has become more and more noticeable. KMS has grown very fast over a short period of time and has shown that our current system is not going to be maintainable for much longer.

A domain can provide a solution to many of the problems we're currently facing with sharing resources and the management of users.

We can get a domain up and running in about 3 months and costing approximately $25,000. Considering the growth KMS has experienced has brought its annual sales in excess of 10 million dollars, this is a small figure to guarantee that growth can be maintained uninterrupted.

There are two persons available and capable of performing the task immediately. A server can be ordered and will arrive within 2 weeks. During that time, Ken and Steve can start preparing immediately.

A complete schedule, budget and evaluation process is enclosed within. more... External Link

This was my first formal proposal and the process of clearly and concisely communicating the cost to benefit analysis of a proposed solution to a problem was challenging and exciting. It was difficult to account for all the factors that influenced the decision, but I was left feeling extremely proud in the end considering the gracious comments I received.

This process has helped me understand the time and work that goes into making a proposal and a pitch. I was able to put together realistic budgets and timeframes that would guide the project from start to finish. I delivered a pitch regarding my proposal to a group that consisted of over a dozen people which enhanced my public speaking skills and confidence.

This whole process was extremely important to me as an individual who seeks to not only be strong on the technical aspects of my vocation but also the interpersonal skills such as communication and team building. I garnered the respect of my colleagues which has given me the confidence to continue pursuing development in these areas.

Presenting — Why Use Frameworks?

I had the opportunity to present to a group of over 20 plus individuals. I prepared a talk and presentation on the benefits of using coding frameworks as opposed to programming everything from scratch. While the content in my presentation was solid and the crowd was extremely attentive, the climactic moment was at the end when I revealed that my slide presentation was not a PowerPoint.

I had misled the audience into believing that there was nothing particularly special about the slide presentation itself when in fact it was the crux of my whole demonstration. The slides were in fact a one page website that I had coded the previous night using a framework called JQuery while preparing the content of the slides and my talk at the same time. The fact that I was able to develop such a convincing slide display in such a short time that was indistinguishable from PowerPoint was the true testament to why programmers should use frameworks. Below is an example of the same slide, the left being what my audience would have seen while the right shows that the slide is actually being housed in a browser window.

By clicking either of the above images, you will launch the presentation in a new window. Use the scroll on your mouse to changes slides. Press F11 to make your browser full screen. External Link

It was difficult trying to get all the aspect of the presentation done in one evening; however, it was critical in order to really drive home the benefits of frameworks. Some of the feedback I received was as follows:

  • "Nice ending"
  • "Everything was very clear and prepared"
  • "Effective examples, impressive presentation"

This task further helped to develop my oral presentation skills and the ability to captivate an audience. While most people can stand in front of a group of people and speak; it is far rarer to elicit a response from the audience as noted above. The slideshow itself stretched my programming ability in order to provide the illusion that it was something other than a web page.

This presentation has helped me to be more creative in what can be accomplished with the programming that I do. It was also a great experience to stand in front of an audience and share one of my passions and possibly stir the same passion within that audience. One of my desires is to share knowledge as opposed to hoarding it in order to foster a work environment that promotes growth.

Web Development — Zen Cart Custom Template

I was a part of a small team responsible for creating a custom ZenCart template for In particular, I worked on the implementation of design and functionality for the home page and the product information page.

For the home page, I was responsible for creating a section to put featured products in from a variety of categories which would change when the user clicked a different category name.

On the product information page, there were several features added. First, the ability to have additional images for the product present but limited to displaying just three thumbnails at a time was added. If the user wanted to see more, they could click on an arrow to reveal a different set of thumbnails.

Next, I made a slideshow out of the larger images. The user can click on the main image or any of the thumbnails and a larger version of the image they clicked would appear in front of a dark back drop. From that point, there is navigation which allows the user to cycle through larger versions of all the images available. The user can close this slideshow by clicking on the back drop or on a specified close area. By closing the slideshow, the user is shown the regular product page once again.

Finally, there is a section that contains three different pieces of content consisting of the product's description, product that customers also purchased and reviews. Only one piece of content is shown at a time. The user can select which piece they would like to view by clicking the appropriate tab.

Original Home Page New Home Page
Original Product Page New Product Page

It was difficult working within a content management system like ZenCart in order to make changes but not affect the core parts of the code. I was able to study the API and the overwriting system, this enable you to make changes without impacting the base too much or have your changes overwritten during upgrading, and overcome these challenges in order to complete the assigned objectives outlined for me.

This process has allowed me to become far more comfortable creating custom applications within a content management system, ZenCart in particular. My skills in web development and design implementation in general have also grown exponentially from this project.

Becoming a full time web developer is my aspiration and this experience has made that dream come closer to fruition while also stoking the fire behind my passion that much more.


Applied Web Development Certificate
BCIT Transcript


Mensa Letter
Mensa Letter Peak Leadership Letter


Orientation Letter
Orientation Letter Open House Set Representative Letter